The Kontrakt Bank provides services associated with securities, namely:

  • Operations related to direct and reverse REPO (purchase or sale of securities provided an obligatory repurchase).
  • Purchase, sale, exchange of all types of securities on behalf of the customer on a commission basis.
  • Funding the acquisition of sovereign bonds for “delivery against payment” transactions.
  • Credit against securities held in the listing.
  • Avalization of bills including tax anticipation bills.
  • Domiciliation of bills (receipt of bill by the bank on behalf of trustee and its payment at the expense of trustee).
  • Provision of services on the safekeeping of all types of securities.
  • Development and implementation of settlement schemes and customer financing with the help of securities.

The Kontrakt Bank has licenses of the State Commission for Securities and Stock Market for:

  • commercial and commission business related to the issue and circulation of securities;
  • depository activities of custodian.

The bank is a member of the following core associations:

  • Professional Association of Registrars and Depositories.
  • Association "Ukrainian Stock Traders".
  • Association “Stock Partnership”.

Andrey Denisenko
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